actor / voice over


Ever since Chiara could walk and talk she has been performing. On a whim, Chiara’s mother entered her at the age of 8 in a Kids Talent Search competition. She won, and landed her very first Voice Agent, and began a very rewarding Voice-Over animation career. Her first gig, at the age of 9, was a lead in the animated movie, Little Golden Book Land playing Pokey the Little Puppy. Soon after that she was fortunate enough to work alongside the late and great John Candy in Camp Candy. Some of her highlights over the years were: The original My Little Pony Tales as Bon Bon, What about Mimi as Mimi, X-Men:Evolution as Jubilee, Baby Looney Tunes as Baby Petunia, Trollz as Ruby, Stellaluna as Stellaluna, Storm Hawks as Piper, and Rated A for Awesome as Thera. Most recently she has been lending her voice in the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as Daring Do, The Deep as Aria, and Henry Hugglemonster as Cobby and Beckett, working alongside the wickedly talented Tom Kenny.

On camera began later on in Chiara’s career - around the age of 16 she was bitten by the on-camera bug and began to book guest stars, leads, and supporting roles in Television and On-Camera. She was nominated for Best Actress at the Leos for her lead role in About a Girl in which Chiara played the lead role. Whether it’s Comedy or Drama, Chiara has played an abundance of characters over the years, for both Television and Big Screen. It has been a fantastic blend of zany cartoon characters and on screen damsels in distress. Chiara splits her time between Vancouver and Los Angeles, and when she isn’t at work, you can usually find her on a run along the water, or singing her heart out, in the kitchen whipping up dinner, or cuddled up on the couch with hubby watching Game of Thrones, and her favourite pastime – watching funny cat and dog videos.